What is color change vehicle wrapping?

A full color change wrap is the process of changing the color of your vehicle, while maintaining and protecting the current paint. It literally mimics a paint job, without obviously having to paint your vehicle which leads to lowering the value of your vehicle greatly. This process gives you the ability to customize your car to your taste. It is cost effective and pretty quick compared to a high quality paint job. It will also protect your paint from weathering, and minor scratches. The best part is it is removable, which means the original paint is in great condition, and there is no loss of value in your vehicle.

What is the cost of a vehicle wrap

Each and every vehicle is unique, so there is no straightforward answer. Ultimately a price comes down to the vehicle itself, the color of the existing paint, and of course your choice of vinyl you wish to wrap the vehicle in. We always recommend setting an appointment so we can check out your vehicle, grab some measurements, and of course show you our samples and give you a brief tour of our facility. The brief tour isn’t necessary, but for a job this big, we like to instill confidence that your car will be cared properly when you decide to book your appointment!

How long does it take to vinyl wrap a vehicle?

Most vehicles will take 3-4 days. The first day involves disassembly (if necessary), followed by washing and clay barring. We let the vehicle sit and dry in a climate controlled facility overnight for the next day. The next two days involves installing your vinyl wrap onto your vehicle. The final day allows the adhesive on the vinyl to cure correctly and allows us to monitor and post-heat any tricky sections to make sure your vinyl wrap lasts for years to come!

Is vinyl wrapping cheaper than paint?

1. We do get asked often is vinyl wrapping cheaper than paint. Well, what kind of paint job are you looking for? A cheap respray that looks great from 20 feet, or a very high quality paint job? If a cheaper respray where no body panels are removed, then no; it is more expensive, but it does look much better for sure. If the paint job is already a complete mess with scratches, chips, rust, etc., then a full color change may not be the best solution. The adhesive in the vinyl tends to stick better to clear coat, versus paint that is peeled or worn. These imperfections are magnified through vinyl. Full color changes tend to be for vehicles with already decent paint. For instance, say you buy a new silver vehicle and you decide you would like it satin black or lime green, you have the option to go years with this wrap, remove it, and in the end you still have that brand new silver paint job. You also have the option from going from that lime green to a sharp carmine red over the course of a week. Vinyl wrap gives you options that paint does not.

2. These color change wraps can be related to as “clothes” for your vehicle. Basically, they are temporary and can be changed when ready. You can get the latest style, brand, color, etc. for usually fast and easy. There is no huge commitment in choosing a color and living with it for life. When you’re in need of a new color, the vinyl will peel right off and you are ready for the next style of “clothes” for your vehicle.

3. In case there is a minor fender bender, or the vinyl does get damaged, it is much quicker to repair vinyl wrap versus paint. There is no need to paint/blend extra panels, just remove the piece of vinyl, and replace it immediately. It is far harder to match paint then it is to match vinyl.

What else can you wrap?

Modern day vinyl lets the sky be the limits. We are able to wrap cars, trucks, buses, box trucks, motorcycles, skateboards, walls, windows, ceilings, floors, signs, banners, buildings, and much more.

If you are interested in seeking more information, check out our Color Change Vinyl Wrap FAQ . If you do not see your question and want more information or are wanting to make an appointment, feel free to reach out to Contact Us.