A commercial vehicle wrap can basically be called a billboard on wheels.  It is a mobile graphic advertisement applied to your vehicle, therefore it is an advertisement that goes everywhere you go.  Are you doing work on the side of the road or at a house? No need for lawn signs, your vehicle will get noticed immediately! Are you on the road driving by potential customers? . read more

Window Tinting

At Kickin’ Customs we are dedicated to offering quality window tint options for every budget.  Each of our patterns are precut with our top of the line plotters that cut tint for your specific year, make and model vehicle.  This ensures that a blade is used as minimal as possible on your vehicle ensuring very little chance of any possible damage.For those older vehicles or specialty vehicles, we do know how to freehand cut these windows.  Where some tinters are a one-trick pony, we have worked on our skills thoroughly to offer both read more

Window Tinting

Paint protection, commonly known as a clear bra or PPF, is typically installed on the front of your vehicle so it can protect it from common road debris such as rocks, gravel, salt, sand and even insects while driving.  This thin, nearly undetectable and removable urethane film can almost be associated as a screen protector but for the paint of your car.  read more

A full color change wrap is the process of changing the color of your vehicle, while maintaining and protecting the current paint. It literally mimics a paint job, without obviously having to paint your vehicle which leads to lowering the value of your vehicle greatly. This process gives you the ability to customize your car to your taste. It is cost effective and pretty quick compared to a high quality paint job. It will also protect your paint from weathering, and minor scratches. The best part is it is removable, which means the original paint is in great condition,  read more