How did we start our business?

It all started with 99 cents.  When I was a kid, I loved Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars more than anything.  I had to have them, and truth be told, I do still have them somewhere.  Hot Wheels and Matchbox later turned to models and die-cast cars.  This passion then transferred to the class room, from plastering every binder with pictures of cars, to taking CAD class in high school and drawing cars while everyone drew houses.  Safe to say, I liked cars.  I liked working on them, making them look great, and most of all, making them unique.

20+ years later from that first Hot Wheels or Matchbox (truth be told, I don’t remember, but odds are it was a hand me down from an older cousin who was equally as passionate about cars), that passion for vehicles has never wavered.  From the moment of getting my first vehicle tinted by a good friend, it truly set off a modification bug (us car guys tend to have a habit of purchasing car parts like it was a disease) like no other.  When tragedy struck and I lost that vehicle, that modification bug transferred to other people’s cars, and it has never stopped.  Since 2012, I have worked on hundreds of vehicles and have stood behind each and every single one of those vehicles and customers.   This has enabled my business to grow, and to slowly turn from an I business to a We business.  I’d like to thank those customers here who have trusted their cars in our hands all these years, and to all those customers who will trust us going forward.  Because of your return patronage and referrals, I’d personally like to thank you for letting my love for cars as a child turn into a profession as an adult!



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About our business!


Here at Kickin’ Customs, we are about quality and customer service. We will not rest until you are satisfied with your product.  The quality of a great job and a happy customer surpasses the thought of quantity over quality.  We have taken time to research our products, taken professional training, and have applied those trainings into making our products some of the best in the area.  With these qualities, the use of trusted products, and the investments in equipment, you can rest assured that your property is in trusted hands.  We have served our customers faithfully for years and will continue as we expand our operations.  We are always pleased to answer any of your questions, and have created Frequently Asked Questions sections that can be found with the associated services to help streamline those answers.   To the ones not in the FAQ section, feel free to reach out to us for answers, details, and free in-house consultations or estimates.  Thank you!

Our Mission and Our Vision


Our ultimate mission is to do high-quality vehicle cosmetic customization to make your vehicle your own. Ultimately, our vision is to expand our operations and make our location a one-stop shop.  Watch us as we grow!

If you are interested in seeking more information, check out our FAQs sections.  If you do not see your question and want more information or are wanting to make an appointment, feel free to reach out to Contact Us