Color Change Vinyl Wrap FAQ

What is a vehicle paint wrap/luxury wrap/full color change ?

What is a vehicle paint wrap/luxury wrap/full color change

A full color change wrap is the process of changing the color of your vehicle, while maintaining and protecting the current paint. It literally mimics a paint job, without obviously having to paint your vehicle which leads to lowering the value of your vehicle greatly. This process gives you the ability to customize your car to your taste. It is cost effective and pretty quick compared to a high quality paint job. It will also protect your paint from weathering, and minor scratches. The best part is it is removable, which means the original paint is in great condition, and leads to no loss of value in your vehicle.

We do get asked often is it cheaper than paint. Well, what kind of paint job are you looking for? A cheap respray that looks great from 20 feet, or a very high quality paint job? If a cheaper respray where no body panels are removed, then no; it is more expensive, but it does look much better for sure. If the paint job is already a complete mess with scratches, chips, rust, etc., then a full color change may not be the best solution. The adhesive in the vinyl tends to stick better to clear coat, versus paint that is peeled or worn. These imperfections are magnified through vinyl. Full color changes tend to be for vehicles with already decent paint. For instance, say you buy a new silver vehicle and you decide you would like it satin black or lime green, you have the option to go years with this wrap, remove it, and in the end you still have that brand new silver paint job. You also have the option from going from that lime green to a sharp carmine red over the course of a week. Vinyl wrap gives you options that paint does not.

These color change wraps can be related to as “clothes” for your vehicle. Basically, they are temporary and can be changed when ready. You can get the latest style, brand, color, etc. for usually fast and easy. There is no huge commitment of choosing a color and living with it for life. When you’re in need of a new color, the vinyl will peel right off and you are ready for the next style of “clothes” for your vehicle.

In case there is a minor fender bender, or the vinyl does get damaged, it is much quicker to repair vinyl wrap versus paint. There is no need to paint/blend extra panels, just remove the piece of vinyl, and replace it immediately. It is far harder to match paint then it is to match vinyl.

There is no huge commitment of choosing a color and living with it for life. When you’re in need of a new color, the vinyl will peel right off and you are ready for the next style of “clothes” for your vehicle.

In case there is a minor fender bender, or the vinyl does get damaged, it is much quicker to repair vinyl wrap versus paint. There is no need to paint/blend extra panels, just remove the piece of vinyl, and replace it immediately. It is far harder to match paint then it is to match vinyl.

What do you do to prepare a vehicle for wrapping ?

We ask our customers to take a little bit of a roll into helping us prepare for your wrap. What do we ask you to do? Simply run your car through a car wash to rinse off any loose sand, dirt, dust, etc. Do not wax your vehicle, do not add tire shine, or any other greasy substances to any panel of the vehicle.

Just run it through a simple wash, and we’ll take care of the rest. Alternatively, for a small fee we can also wash your vehicle. From there we will clay bar your vehicle and let it sit to dry overnight. The following day we will degrease your vehicle and begin the process of wrapping.

Will my vehicle wrap look like paint ?

For the most part, yes. Films are limited by their stretching, there are times where seaming will be a necessity. For the most part we use our experience to hide these seams where necessary. Other than these sections (that only we notice, trust us), your vehicle will look like paint. We cannot tell you the amount of times a person is shocked when we tell them “No, this is not paint,” to which they react very shocked. We will not lie to our customers in hoping they will not see these sections, they are unavoidable.

How do I wash vinyl wrap ?

We highly recommend you hand wash your vehicle. Furthermore, we recommend you seal your vinyl wrap every few months. We actually recommend a couple purpose made sprays, to which we will show upon completion. Generally, we ask you avoid power washing to the point where you focus the nozzle closely or near the edges; these actions will damage paint, and may possibly tear vinyl. Also avoid automatic washes if possible; these washes also severely damage paint, and other components of the vehicle; it is safe to say it will damage vinyl over the long term also. These car washes also use harsh chemicals which may dry out the vinyl. For this purpose we do ask you seal your vehicle often if you use automatic washes often.

Can vinyl wrap be removed ?

Yes, vinyl wrap can be removed. We recommend that a professional removes your wrap, as we are experienced and have the correct tools to do so.

Will vinyl wrap damage my paint ?

For the most part, no. When applied correctly, and removed correctly, it will not damage your OEM paint. It will actually protect it from the elements and increase resale. However, for cars with non-OEM paint, there is no telling if it will or will not damage it. OEM paints are typically done with specific sets of instructions. From amount of primer, paint and clear, to whether panels were removed or on the car, temperature of baking, and cure time, this is all controlled by the OEM. After market there is no telling what they have done to the vehicle, so there is no guarantee paint will not be damaged upon removal.

What is your warranty on vinyl wrapping ?

We offer a 1 year warranty from the date of installation. This covers defects in workmanship over that year. The manufacturer also offers a warranty over material failure. Each manufacturer is different, so coverage may be limited due to how the vinyl is cared for, as well as what they will cover. Upon completion of a wrap, we will provide scrap materials should any repair be needed in the future. For a small fee, we will store all scrap for that calendar year if needed.

How long can I expect my wrap to last ?

A wrap should last 4-5 years if laminated and properly cared for. Longevity also depends on climate/environment. Our color change vinyl has lamination built in, so we do not need to laminate over this film like commercial film.

Can you wrap over dents and rust ?

Dents we can wrap over as long as the paint is not cracked or missing. If it is cracked or chipped, the odds of damage occurring when removing will be much greater. Rust will need to be removed completely before installation. If not removed, there is no warranty from vinyl lifting in these areas. In both instances when the paint is damaged, there is no guarantee it will not further damage paint on removal.

Do you need to see my vehicle for a quote ?

Yes, we would like to inspect each vehicle before giving a quote. Not only does this give you a chance to meet us and visit our shop, this gives us an idea of what you are looking to do, and the canvas we are working with. Although we have software that can estimate cost, it is always better to check the vehicle in person to see any possible problem spots, and whether we can work around them one way or another.

How long does it take to physically wrap a vehicle ?

Typically it takes 3-4 days to get your vehicle back. We ask you to drop your vehicle off the day before your appointment, here we will clay bar the vehicle and let the vehicle sit indoors to get to room temperature and to dry. The next day we will degrease and begin application. Following completion, which usually is on day 2 of the install, we must let the vinyl sit for 24 hours for the adhesive to cure. Once cured, the final day we will post heat (this is a crucial step), clean up, and notify you your vehicle is ready!

Will vinyl fail ?

Vinyl can fail for a few reasons, they are below:

  • Choice of material: Cheaper films, incorrect material, mediocre lamination, and no lamination can lead to failure.
  • Outgassing: Printed media must outgas for at least 24 hours before lamination. Skipping this step will affect the adhesive greatly and will lead to failure.
  • Preparation: If the surface preparation is not done properly before the wrap, adhesive may fail to stick to the surface over time.
  • Cleanliness: If the vehicle is not cleaned thoroughly before the wrap, the adhesive may fail due to the dirtiness.
  • Environment: The temperature and humidity will affect adhesive on the vinyl greatly. All vinyl must sit at a specified temperature to cure for 24 hours prior to letting it leave the premises. Due to our climate controlled workspace, we avoid these issues.
  • Poor installation: Lack of experience leads to poor stretching, over stretching, incorrect fitment, incorrect heating, and even cutting the vehicle paint. This will lead to failure.
  • Maintenance: Washing and sealing will play a great role into keeping your wrap looking new. Skip these steps, and like paint, the wrap will suffer.

What else do you wrap ?

We wrap trailers, boats, motorcycles, storefronts, interior/exterior walls, buildings, floors, appliances, doors, laptops, tabletops and windows.

What is your warranty ?

We offer a 1 year vehicle wrap warranty which covers defects in workmanship. Furthermore, each film we use carries a manufacturer’s warranty. All manufacturer warranties differ; inquire for more information.

What are your references ?

If needed, we have plenty of references of our previous work over the last 4 years (this is 2016 as I write this) of happy repeat customers. I promise you will be the next.

Can you wrap plastics or rubber, such as moldings, trim, mirrors or handles ?

You can, but we don’t and won’t recommend it. It is not a matter of if the vinyl will fail on these surfaces, but more so when. The adhesive on vinyl does not stick well to these areas over long-term. If you choose to wrap these areas, we will not warranty them from failure.

Can I install vinyl wrap over a leased vehicle ?

Yes, just like if you owned the vehicle, a wrap can be easily removed before you turn your lease in. We recommend however you obtain permission to wrap a leased, or even rented, vehicle. Leased vehicles are usually wrapped throughout the entire country without any incident.

How long can I expect vinyl wrap to last on my vehicle ?

In general, you can expect your vehicle wrap to last 4-5 years until it becomes slightly more difficult to remove. If you follow instructions and care for your film as instructed, the film will last as expected. Washing and sealing/waxing are very important to the material’s life.