What Is Paint Protection

Paint protection, commonly known as a clear bra or PPF, is typically installed on the front of your vehicle so it can protect it from common road debris such as rocks, gravel, salt, sand and even insects while driving. This thin, nearly undetectable and removable urethane film can almost be associated as a screen protector but for the paint of your car. It is engineered to protect your paint from the harshest

conditions, while preserving that new car shine from the day you picked up your vehicle.

What films do you offer?

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Xpel Ultimate

Our top choice always is Xpel Ultimate, which we are factory certified and trained installers in. Like our other films, Xpel Ultimate is a self-healing film and it is the original self-healing film. When installed by a factory trained installer (us for example) the film is protected by a 10-year warranty via Xpel Technologies that covers yellowing, cracking, peeling, staining and hazing. Again, we are factory certified in this installation and can offer a full warranty. To see an example of Xpel’s self-healing feature, see the video below.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUqzFvRw4-A

3M Scotchgard Pro

For those who are brand loyal, we do also offer a 3M variant of Xpel Ultimate. Although it is quite similar to Xpel Ultimate, the warranty offered is only 7 years. As we are not certified installers through 3M at the moment, we cannot offer a 7 year warranty, but will offer a 1 year installer warranty from installer defects. Typically, in these situations, we recommend the customer use a different brand, however we understand brand loyalty and can just ensure that life expectancy is 7 years when properly cared for. Like Xpel, this film is self-healing from typical impacts from rocks, gravel, sand, salt and insects. It is easier to clean than lesser brands, and like Xpel, it is nearly undetectable, due to its thin profile, high gloss finish, and the low orange peel finish.

SunTek Ultra

We’ve used SunTek for 5 years and have been nothing but impressed with their material and service. As with the previous films (Xpel Ultimate and 3M Scotchgard Pro), this film is self-healing and nearly undetectable. This film has hydrophobic properties which allow dirty water to bead off the film, which lets it become more resistant to staining. It has a an extreme high gloss finish that will only enhance your painted surfaces. As an installer, we offer a 10 year warranty from manufacturer’s defects and installer defects.

Matte Films

We understand not all paint finishes are created equally, and not everyone likes the high gloss finish. All the above mentioned films have a matte variant. For more information, including pricing, contact us directly.

Why Us?

  1. We stand behind our products and our work foremost at Kickin’ Customs. We are factory trained and certified in Xpel, have a working history with SunTek, and will be gaining certification via 3M.
  2. We cut all our materials on our Graphtec Plotter. To those unaware of what a Graphtec Plotter is, think of an exotic car with all the bells and whistles. We’ve invested plenty in our equipment, our material, and software to ensure all patterns are accurate and that a blade does not touch your car and potentially harm your paint.
  3. We work hard to make sure you are happy with your install, any questions you may have, please feel free to check out FAQ or contact us directly


1. Silver Package – $899

  • Covers up to the leading 18-24” of hood and fenders
  • Covers the back of painted mirrors
  • Covers the entire front bumper
  • Edges are wrapped where applicable.
  • Backed by a great warranty
  • Additional coverage available
silver pack1

2. Gold Package – $1299

  • Covers the entire hood
  • Covers partial fenders
  • Covers the back of painted mirrors
  • Covers the entire front bumper
  • Edges are wrapped where applicable.
  • Backed by a great warranty
  • Additional coverage available
Gold Package1

3. Platinum Package – $1699

  • Covers the entire hood and fenders
  • Covers the A-pillars and partial roof
  • Covers the back of painted mirrors
  • Covers the entire front bumper
  • Edges are wrapped where applicable.
  • Backed by a great warranty:
  • Additional coverage available
Platinum Package1

4. More Paint Protection Options



What else can you apply paint protection to?

There are a few other objects we have applied paint protection to. We’ve applied paint protection film to RVs, motorcycles, the occasional ATV, and other automotive applications. We’ve applied paint protection to glass surfaces, such as jewelry counters to protect from scratching, or even a glass dining room table. We’ve also been known to do a screen protector here or there.

If you are interested in seeking more information, check out our FAQ. If you do not see your question and want more information or are wanting to make an appointment, feel free to reach out to Contact Us